New Website Near Completion!

Not that anyone really cares…..BUT, our website is nearly done. Mr. Dave Curlee with Adonai Productions should have it done as early next week. I’d recommend him for any webwork you need done. You can reach him at

Anyway…check out the site when you get a chance. Our other blogs have been updated too.


The Fellas Take Over Mansfield

The fellas ( once again took over the southern part of the Metroplex this weekend as the Fellas Weekend 2 took place at our home!

My wonderful wife obliged and took off for the weekend with her best friend in order for us to enjoy some much needed male bonding time that included all things innocent yet fun! The area will never be the same….

Happy Father’s Day to all as well. It’s my first!

And I Thought Houston Was Humid…

Ok, I just got back from Central Florida last night. Was there for 3 days meeting with a million people our company does business with. Ok, not a million, but I was busy. Stayed in Jacksonville but I drove down and spent Wendesday in Orlando.

All I have to say is it was freaking humid. 95 degrees and 85% humidity! I felt like I ran back down to Houston….It was so bad it would literally take your breath away. Even the locals were freaking out. I heard it has been years since it has been this bad. It was so bad that when I stepped out of the car, my sunglasses would fog up! Now that’s humid.

Anyway, I’m back home and all is well.

Julie is hitting “the crunch” time with the girls. She’s at nearly 26 weeks. I’m getting more excited by the hour. I’ve bought more things for these two princesses than most and we still have 2 months to go! I did go down to Disney to buy Julie a charm however. It was neat to go back to our honeymoon spot and get her a nice keepsake! There’s just nothing like Disney…