The Fellas Take Over Mansfield

The fellas ( once again took over the southern part of the Metroplex this weekend as the Fellas Weekend 2 took place at our home!

My wonderful wife obliged and took off for the weekend with her best friend in order for us to enjoy some much needed male bonding time that included all things innocent yet fun! The area will never be the same….

Happy Father’s Day to all as well. It’s my first!

2 thoughts on “The Fellas Take Over Mansfield

  1. I just want to say that I was never there and you can’t prove anything…much…aside from the digital images (probably) residing on Dave’s hard drive and tendriling their way into the omnipresent creature that is the Internet. but I still didn’t do it and that’s not me in the pool, nor is it anyone with which I am acquainted.Clint Locks


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