Brady to Lead Young Singles Again

Well, it’s true. Crossroads has asked me to help lead the young singles group age 25-35 or so. Basically, the church has very little to offer in the form of singles ministry, so it’s gonna require some serious grassroots efforts on my part, but I am excited and Julie is too. After all, if not for the singles group we were in at the time we wouldn’t have met nor have some of the friends we do today.

Stay tuned to for more soon.


More Than Meets the Eye

I am writing my first book and hope you will be a part of it! Check out my new blog for more information. It’s gritty, funny, to the point and bold, but I hope God can use it to rattle some cages and straighten me and anyone else out that needs it!

Please give me feeback as we go along. When I get to 100 devotionals/stories I am going to have “No Bones About It – Vol1 ” published.

Celebrate America 2005!

We need to unite and stand up for America this weekend.

Together we celebrate those who have given us our American freedoms in the past and protect them today. For those serving, we love and are praying for you. Everyone has their share of those in guard of America and we thank you.

As Sean Hannity plays all the time, “Let Freedom Ring!”

God Bless America!