Babies Galore

Something is in the water. We have 10 couples who have either just had or are having a baby! Check it out:

Clint & Alyssa Locks – girl “Brianna”
Michael & Brenna Heald – boy “Hunter”
Roy & Dondi Hayhurst – boy “Jordan”
Russell & Jenny Winter – girl due in Nov
Donnie & Sarah Franklin – girl “Riley”
Landon & Amy Doyle – girl “Avery”
Dave & Katherine Curlee – girl “Jillian”
Fernando & Heather Juarez – baby girl
Tim & Megan Williams – due in Nov
Glenn & Cassie McClelland- boy “Caleb”

Notice all the girls…..women DO rule the world.

Congrats everyone. We need to stop drinking the water!

2 thoughts on “Babies Galore

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