Burned Out! Heat Defeat the Mavs!

In a historic comeback by the Miami Heat, and in one of the most terrible sports collapses of all time, the NBA Finals ended last night with the Dallas Mavericks losing 4 in a row and falling 4-2. After blowing out the Heat in games 1 and 2, and most of game 3, the Mavs looked to be close to sweeping the Heat. Instead, they lose 4 in a row and essentially get swept themselves.

After such an amazing year, we are now reclined to let the summer sports duldrum start, as the only thing left we have to cheer for are the Rangers……hmf.

Football season is closer, but still a long way off.

Thanks Mavs for a fun run and the memories, but next year, can you keep a 13 point lead with 6 minutes to go please?


Mavs Set to Sweep…..We Attend Game Two!

The Dallas Mavericks are set to sweep the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals after a butt-kicking win last night, 99-85, in which the Mavs at one point led by almost 30! They coud wrap the series up in Miami over the next two games. The Heat have a bag of nothing…..it would bring the first sports championship back to Dallas since the Stars won the Stanely Cup in 1999.

Julie and I were fortunate to attend the game for our 2nd World Championship sporting event in a year! I think it has to do with our girls…. (see their blog www.bradysgirls.blogspot.com)

The game was insane and the crowd was in the frenzie one would expect. People brought some great signs. A few of our favorites were: “The Heat Wished They Could Have This CUBAN” and “SHAQ’s Brick Counter” in which the fan updated how Shaq’s free throws were going. Last night he was 1 of 7….2 of 16 for the series.

Here are some shots. Crazy people were everywhere!

Go Mavs!