Mavs Set to Sweep…..We Attend Game Two!

The Dallas Mavericks are set to sweep the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals after a butt-kicking win last night, 99-85, in which the Mavs at one point led by almost 30! They coud wrap the series up in Miami over the next two games. The Heat have a bag of nothing… would bring the first sports championship back to Dallas since the Stars won the Stanely Cup in 1999.

Julie and I were fortunate to attend the game for our 2nd World Championship sporting event in a year! I think it has to do with our girls…. (see their blog

The game was insane and the crowd was in the frenzie one would expect. People brought some great signs. A few of our favorites were: “The Heat Wished They Could Have This CUBAN” and “SHAQ’s Brick Counter” in which the fan updated how Shaq’s free throws were going. Last night he was 1 of 7….2 of 16 for the series.

Here are some shots. Crazy people were everywhere!

Go Mavs!

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