New Website for Brady & Julie

Due to the high demands my web guy has at work (uhumm…Dave)…I have moved our family site to a new, easy-for-me-or-anyone-else-to-do site… check it out at

It will be up and running by weeks end!

Meanwhile, all current posts will happen here or on our other blogs!

Love you all!

Go Cowboys!


Babies Galore Update!

Over the last year, we have had tons of friends who have added children to their quivers!

Here are some photos of each of the newbies….

Clint & Alyssa Locks – girl “Brianna”

Michael & Brenna Heald – boy “Hunter”

Roy & Dondi Hayhurst – boy “Jordan”

Russell & Jenny Winter – girl “Briana”

Donnie & Sarah Franklin – girl “Riley”

Landon & Amy Doyle – girl “Avery”

Dave & Katherine Curlee – girl “Jillian”

Fernando & Heather Juarez – girl “Macie”

Tim & Megan Williams – boy “Nathan”

Glenn & Cassie McClelland- boy “Caleb”

Beach Getaway a Wave of Fun!

Our first family vacation was a success! It started a little rough as we had to finish packing in the pouring rain. Beck’s truck door was left open the entire night as it rained so they were delayed in meeting us (yea, she was a little ticked off at one of her girls!). Plus, we thought we were going to have to turn around and come back home the next morning….but we stuck it out and things went fine. Sidney was having a reaction to the MMR shot she got last week and it gave her a high fever the day we left. She responded and was better on Tuesday morning though….so our plans went forward.

On the way down we stopped at the Sam Houston Statue close to Houston and then went on to near Friendswood to eat dinner at Casa ‘Ole of course! Finally, we got to Galveston after a nine hour journey and our beach house was great. Way down the island far away from most activity which was nice. We ate at Marios one day, then Fuddruckers and ended the trip with dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which was really cool.

We walked down the Sea Wall and we shopped The Strand. Our big thing was going to Moody Gardens and seeing all of the animals they have. Very neat. We drove into Houston Wednesday night to go see the BodyWorlds3 exhibit….which was INSANE!!! Wow. Go see it! It was at the Houston Museum which brought back even more memories for me.

The girls were just troopers then entire week. I mean they were great. They were in perfect moods and a ton of fun. They really love being out and about…thank God!

Of course, we spent lots of time in the sand and sun and what fun that was. The girls just freaked out over the waves and sand.

We built a huge sand castle which brought back so many memories for me of me, beck and mom. I sure thank mom for all of those beach getaways when I was a kid. They are some of my favorite times with her and my sister. I love Galveston and hope to own my own beach house there one day! So much about Galveston is the way it was 30 years ago when we first started going. Yet, so much has changed too.

It’s not Cancun…it’s just the Gulf Coast. But, it’s only a cheap and quick 1 hour Southwest flight away!

I can’t wait until we go back next year. We have much more to do and see…

Here is a slideshow of even more good pictures! (if the link doesn’t work just look around in the different folders listed – it’s there)