Congrats to Hope & Webster!

We are proud to say congrats to the first YSA (Young Single Adults) class members who found each other at CCC in YSA! What an honor to be a part of God bringing two people together…

We attended their wedding tonight at Fielder Road and they are off on the journey of bliss called marriage…it is bliss…..all the time, right?….ok, maybe not ALL the time….

First Vacation in Years! SKI TRIP 2007

Thanks to the hospitality of my best bud, Clint Locks and his wife Alysa, in Boulder, CO, and some amazing grandparents back here in DFW, Julie and I were able to finally sneak off for a quick 4 day vacation! We escaped to the slopes of Copper Mountain along with partners in crime, Matt and Melaine Sherman for some fun on the slopes!

We endured road closures, 90mph winds, 10inches of snow in one day and much more, along with a worthless Buick rental car!!! Ahhhh!

More pics will be posted on our website soon!