Some Things Stay the Same

In a time where it seems everything around us is changing, it’s nice here and there to find a place where things have stayed about the same.

Ennis, Texas, former home of my Papa’s “farm” is just that place.

I look a step back in time last week on my way to Houston, to drive down Old Telco Road over to 1381 and then on down to drive by the old place.

I nearly choke up writing this. So many memories from my childhood there. So many great times with Papa and Grandma, my cousins, my sister, mom and dad, and my aunts and uncles. Nearly every great Christmas moment is locked away in the walls of that old place too.

Not to mention the tractors, cows, the garden, the ponds, the old VW bugs, and our old go-cart.

There will likely never be a place like that in my life again…that is until we step into eternity.

The farm was about as close as I think I will get and it is sure was nice to see it hasn’t changed all that much.

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