The City of Dallas….What a Choke!

2007 has not been a good year for sports fans in the DFW area. The city that has produced 5 SuperBowl championships and 1 Stanley Cup champion is failing in its quest to become a city of champions.

In the 4 major sports, we only have 6 to go around. Not good. And 2007 is doing all it can to establish Dallas in a whole new light. A year ago I wrote in shock after the Dallas Mavericks choked away their first NBA championship to Miami in 6 games, after being up 2 games to none. I had no idea a year later it would get even worse.

It all started in January as the Cowboys defense and Tony Romo literally dropped the ball in the playoffs, round one.

Then came the Dallas Stars who got booted in the playoffs, for the 3rd year in a row, all 1st rounders.

Finally, came last nights debacle of the NBA best record, #1 seeded Mavs, losing to the #8 seed, “schmoes”, Golden State Warriors (who?), getting their hydes tanned by 25 in game six, again in the first round.

Next are the Rangers…..need I say more?

A long sports summer is ahead. I am depressed.

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