Meet Our Friend – Yellow

I hate spiders. But, our little buddy “Yellow” builds his web every day between the bushes in our front yard and eats bugs. I just can’t bring myself to kill him. But he IS one creepy dude…


What is up the WIDE WIDE WORLD of SPORTS?

It wasn’t that long ago that our sports world was full of the likes of Tom Landry, Nolan Ryan, Don Shula, Cal Ripken, Vince Lombardi, Hank Aaron and others who played with character and for the love of the game. Man have things changed!

Now we have the Barry Bonds steroid issue in baseball, the NBA gambling ref, the dog abusing, dog fighting ring-leader Michael Vick in the NFL and it seems every biker in the Tour De France is on the juice too!

Drugs and scandals are running wild like grabgrass.

It’s time those that have some character and still play for the love of the game take back the spotlight. This is getting out of hand…

Training Camp 2007

Now I head to San Antonio to watch sport – that being Dallas Cowboys training camp. I shall waste 3 days of life in order to watch 300lb grown men learnt to hit each other and run certain patterns in grass in hopes to catch, steal or run with an oblong cylinder of leather with the mindset of crossing into an area of grass marked by large white lines and a yellow “field goal” thing in the back of it.


God must think we are morons.

So Long Troy….

Ever since I was a teenager I can remember Troy Duncan telling me what he thought the weather was gonna do the next few days. He was like the sun coming up.

But no more bow-ties and no more Troy. His time in the sunset has come as he has retired.

Just makes me realize how old I am getting.