Summer of 1994 All Over Again

13 Years ago, my sister and I and some friends went to Galveston with our mom and dad. We rented a beach house and did the whole “Gulf Coast vacation” thing. Well things have changed in 13 years as we are older, fatter, and both now married with kids of our own! But tomorrow we leave once again for a 3 day stay on the beach!

This time it will include my brother-in-law, their two kids and my wife and our two kids!

It’s gonna be real hot here in Dallas, but at least we can escape for some fun in the sun for a few days! So many great memories for me in the Houston/Galveston area. I cannot wait!

What makes it a little more special for me this year, is since late last year my company has been selling health insurance for Standard Life based in Galveston. They are owned by the Moody’s who essentially founded the island and seem to own most of it today. I might have to drop by and see what kind of perks they can throw my way!

One thought on “Summer of 1994 All Over Again

  1. Brady,You should have told you me you were down here. We are just around the corner from Galveston. In fact we were at Crystal Beach on Monday.Brett


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