FORKS Movie Trailer Released….

In 1992 my college roommate and I had nothing to do one Saturday night in Brownwood so we filmed “Attack of the Killer Spoons” with a video camera. Special effects, music…a truly terrifying movie. (Remember, this was before the days of UTube and the homevideo rage going on today.)

The two of us started filming it around 6pm….the last thing we both remember was Scott yelling from his room into mine as we finally finished and headed to bed, “Brady! The sun is coming up!”

The movie turned out hilarious and has been a classic for 15 years.

In honor of it turning 15, the fellas decided it was time to film “Revenge of the Forks” a revised, much more refined film of the 21st century. So, during Fellas Weekend III this summer the project was on, again with little to no budget, but 3 video cameras. This time it took myself, Scott, RJ, Clint, David, Michael, Greg, Matt and Tercek and other “stand ins” like Vince, Jason, Ben, Chris, and Gordon to film. We started at 4pm and finished deep into the morning hours…

Forks will be ready this fall. Click here for a preview:

(don’t be fooled, the college kid who stole our idea and did the same thing this summer has nothing on ours. His is good. But we have 15 years of experience, Curlee, and a pitchfork my friend, and ours will stop your heart…)

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