Cowboys Charity Kickoff Event 2007

Every year for the last 4, my company has been fortunate to help support and attend the Dallas Cowboys annual kickoff luncheon. All proceeds support the Christian ministry in Grandbury called Happy Hill Farm. Check it out sometime.

This event is highly Christian in orientation, including praying IN JESUS NAME over the meal, the season and the kids of Happy Hill. It is one time throughout the football season that perspective is kept in order of real life issues vs. just men playing a game. It is very neat and the kids entire year is dependent on this event to support their home.

I got to chat with Stephen Jones afterwords this year (all of the Cowboys players are always there and most of the former players usually are). Regardless of what you might think about the Jones family, they are loyal, dedicated, hard working, family oriented people. Stephen runs the show (much more then Jerry these days) and he out-does many of us in terms of charity work, running his business and being a good father and husband.

From a business perspective he is an inspiration to me. He is currently running the Cowboys, the new Cowboys stadium, he serves as Board members for various charities, and he has a huge family!

Just a great time. Go Cowboys!

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