Last Night Stunk!

Last night was insane. Let me share the details.

4-6pm – Spent the afternoon preparing for a big Monday Night Football Cowboys game and getting ready for a party at a buddies.

6:30pm – Left for the party and left Julie with the girls – excited about Boys going 5-0 for first time since 1983!

6:45pm – Pregame discussion at buddies home was about our pet dogs dying and how sad it is. We were all nearly in tears – 6 of us.

7:30pm – Game starts and 1st pass later QB Tony Romo has Cowboys down 7-0 to worthless Buffalo Bills thanks to his first of FIVE interceptions! Not happy.

7:45pm – Wife is franticly calling me – something wrong with our boxer Sam. She says he came running into doggie door, having hard time breathing, laid down in bed and nearly lifeless. Says he is foaming at mouth and smells like propane.

7:55pm – Arrive home. Park in driveway and smell very strong fowl smell as soon as I step out of truck. Walk in and Sam is running around being normal but eyes and gums are blood red. Wife tells me he suddenly is better but house smells like you would not believe. Sister arrives to help with whatever she can. Everyone was in a panic over possible dying dog. Now focus shifts to the horrible smell. Animal shelter is called as I recall next door neighbor telling me about his skunk problem! Bath instructions are given as we realize he was sprayed in face by skunk! Everyone nearly vomiting due to smell. I am worried about game and decide to go back to party. Dog can go in garage until I get home. Julie decides to bathe dog anyway. Sister goes to store to get supplies.

8:10pm – Romo throws 2nd and 3rd interceptions – Cowboys are getting beat on national TV to a team that should not be in the game past the first quarter.

9pm – Back at party – I stink – Cowboys are stinking it up too and trail 17-10 at half.

10:30pm – Cowboys pull off miracle win in last 40seconds with a touchdown, recovered onside kickoff and two 52yard field goals by rookie kicker with no time on clock. Cowboys go to 5-0, 6 men screaming like school girls – I still stink.

11pm – Home from party – Sam is clean, his buttnub wag is back and he will live. House smells like skunk moved in and decided to sleep in our bed for the night. I take big time shower.

3am – Smell from skunk wakes me up with major sinus issues. Remember Cowboys winning, go back to sleep with Kleenex crammed up nose. Cowboys are undefeated, amazing wife let me go back to fun party and Sam will live after all.

3:15am – Fall asleep with stinking smile on face.

A stinky night is over!

One thought on “Last Night Stunk!

  1. Next time, try tomatoes in a baking soda bath. That always worked when MY dogs got skunked. It does bring new meaning to that euphemism, though!What a crazy night! I’m glad it all turned out OK.


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