Girls, Girls, Girls

Been a long time since I have posted some photos of our babies. Here are a few taken in the last few weeks. By the way, the stuffed animals are “penwen” and “lammie” for the penguin and lamb seen here.

This Nightmare Was Real….

I woke up this morning and rolled over to my wife and said, “So… was not a bad dream. The Cowboys lost. There are no more games….”

“Yes, they lost. I am sorry,” she said.

Someone out there please give me hope. This was our year, our chance.

The door was open but the Giants closed it thanks to poor play by our defense, special teams, the offensive line and Patrick Clayton.

I am depressed cause all I have left are the Mavs and the terrible Texas Rangers for the next 9 months. Maybe the Astros can save me again….

Regardless, my two year old daughter said it best, “Next Year Cowboys!”

A Night Like All the Rest….

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New Years Eve is always an interesting night. It signals the end of the year, the end of the guilt from not completing last years goals, the end of the holidays and yet the beginning of all things new all at the same time.

In one glorious night you can get out and celebrate the chance to do things better, get in shape, spend less money, save more, love your spouse better, do good things and open more doors for old ladies.

It seems the older you get the less appealing getting out on New Years really can be. Maybe it’s the hustle of Christmas that has worn us out. Maybe it’s the kids or the dogs, who knows. But it’s funny how we can find ourselves sitting in the lazy boy watching the thousands of people in New York City on TV and say to our sleeping spouse, “What idiots!”

Just three years ago Julie and I actually did the Times Square New Years Eve deal. We were young. Loved the idea of standing in the middle of a street for 8 hours on end in 40 degree weather. Had No kids. Still had the ability to stay up all the way to watch Conan O’Brien’s monologue. Ahh, life was grand.

This year we had dinner reservations with another couple at 3 Forks in North Dallas at 6:45pm. We ate while enjoying a live jazz band lead by a sexy lead singer in her late 60s and got home just in time to watch Dick Clark count down to midnight, Eastern Standard Time, that is.

Julie and I kissed, watched the DFW TV Special from Victory Plaza, and promptly hit the sack….goals, dreams, diets, and plans for 2008 ready to roll right off our pillows.

Everyone I know at some point told me how fast it seemed 2007 went by. Yet, to me, it seems like yesterday we were all worried about Y2K and that was 8 years ago. Whew. Someone slow it all down please.

If your New Years Eve was just a night like all the rest, don’t be too concerned. There will be another very soon.

For now, enjoy the fresh start. Make it a New Years resolution to actually do one of your goals this year, and at the same time, enjoy every minute of every day.

Maybe doing so will slow the clock down.

If not, we will all look up soon and certainly wished it would have.

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord” Lamentations 3:40

(c) 2008, J. Brady

“I say it how I see it and make no bones about it!”