Oh, So Funny

One of the funniest things about having twins is what I call the “copycat syndrome”. This is the process by which they literally do and say everything that Julie and I do. From saying “Oh My Gosh!” and other accidental things like when Chloe repeated me saying “Crap” one day in the car.

Let me give an even better example of how this works with multiples, unlike those of you with singletons:

When our girls are in their full-fledge “terrible two” mode (which is nearly all day these days) they spend much of their time awake either in time-out, being told to stop doing something, or crying because of one reason or another.

So, the other day, I hear the girls playing and notice they are acting like one is either me or Julie and the other is still the toddler. It went something like this:

“Chloe! Go time out right now!” Sidney said to Chloe while pointing and looking very stern and serious.

Chloe sits down by the front door with a sad look on her face. Sidney kneels down and grabs Chloe’s cheeks with both hands, “You hear me?” she demands. “No!” Chloe revolts and turns away. Sidney walks away with that “ok, we will wait until she just decides to chill” look.

Finally, things calm down and Chloe looks at her a few minutes later with those sad puppy eyes.

Then Sidney asks, “You done?”

Chloe gets up laughing and then Sidney says, “Sidney turn” and they reverse roles and do it all over again.

This can go on for hours! A “night-night” routine is also acted out throughout the day these days in which one will tell the other to “Lay down right now!” and the other will lay down and then start acting up (just like they do in real life). The scene cycles over and over with one acting up and the other saying “lay down right now!”.

Just know this, whatever you say and do, will be repeated between them!

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