Five Years Ago Today…

Julie and I were getting ready for our night wedding. It was a Saturday much like today. Everyone was in town, the fellas were staying tuned to the NFL draft updates, and Julie and I were ready to tie the knott and head to Disney World for our Honeymoon!

Here is a photo we took at Epcot during our trip as we meet another “newlywed couple”. I still remember them too. They were long time highschool sweethearts who were reunited after both of their current spouses had passed away. I wonder how they are today?

Julie and I have had a great marriage! What an amazing 5 years. The trick?

Keep the Lord first in all of life
Choose your battles. Most things are not worth it.
Stay busy and enjoy life.
Have lots of dogs and lots of kids!
Be a Cowboys fan!

Love is blind if you simply follow the rules.

Here’s wishing for many more!


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