Big Equal Health News!

Today is a HUGE day in the history of my company, Equal Health & Life as for the first time in our 7 year history we introduced a non-healthcare related product called a LovePlan.

Below are some basic facts about this new product:

What is a “LovePlan”?
A LovePlan is a unique insurance plan that combines term life insurance with critical illness health insurance. This is the policy that your family needs to help make continuing mortgage payments, pay off the mortgage, or simply provide a large source of funds for other monthly bills if you should die or become critically ill. The Critical Illness portion of this plan provides coverage if you have a Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Major Organ Transplant, Renal (Kidney) Failure or Alzheimer’s. You can use this money to pay for your medical expenses or cover the loss of income or living expenses while you are in the hospital. You could even use the money to take a recuperative vacation.

Why do I need this?
Every year thousands of families lose their homes because of the death of a parent or extreme medical bills resulting from a critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. A LovePlan will help your family pay the mortgage or other monthly bills as a parent or spouse recovers or as they deal with the passing of a parent or spouse.

Please pray this new product line can be a huge part of our future here at Equal Health!

Brady Speers, CEO


Girls Transition to Big-Girl Beds

I cannot believe nearly 3 years has gone by since my baby girls were infants! How is that possible? It seems like a blink ago that Julie and I were putting together their gribs. Today we spent the day transitioning them into “toddler beds”. The girls took their first naps in them today.

My dad keeps telling me one day I will be saying, “It seems like yesterday they were being born and here they are getting married!”.

I can only pray somehow time stands still a little longer.

Balloon Fest 2008 – nearly in our backyard!

Instead of having to trek over to Plano this fall, our annual balloon festival attendence was right around the corner from home this weekend in Midlothian.

We had a great time watching 20-25 balloons air up with some of them taking off despite the winds. We were joined by nearly everyone in the family too; my sister and her family, my parents, grandma Kat, Craig and Janet, and Alvin and Sudie.

Balloon festivals are a neat way to get some good family time.

I’m a Talk Radio Junkie

I hate to admit it, but I am. I love AM radio. Grew up on it (thanks dad).

From postgame discussions to political rants by main stream talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I just can’t get enough.

But, I decided I had to back off last week. So I updated my Ipod playlists and cranked up some good old rock and roll on the way to work today.

Sorry Ticket (, you will have to take a break. You will still be heard nearly every day, but my mind needs a rest from the discussions of Cowboys football in June and how McCain can beat Obama in November.

My ears are ringing, thanks to the soothing vibrations of some loud music!

True Warriors of the Faith

Some friends of ours in our Sunday School class decided 3 years ago that God was calling them to join Pioneer Bible Translators as missionaries. Mind you, most of my life I have heard about and been forced to listen to different missionaries talk about their experiences, lives and missions. Honestly, it is usually boring and hard to connect with.

Not anymore.

(In order to help protect this couple they will be known here as Mr and Mrs. H.)

This amazing couple, along with their 3 small children, dropped their lives here in the comfort of America and headed to the Ukraine to study Russian and then prepare to live their lives near Siberia, with a people that live as nomads following buffalo. Yea, at times they are basically gonna be living in tents.

Let me put it this way: Each year, a small group of us send them a box of goodies as a “Care Package” from the U.S. We try to get it there by Christmas. We have to mail it in September!

This is not a two week missions trip to Disney World either.

Their goal is to help translate the Bible for a people that have never had one in their own language. It is dangerous, tiring and complicated. Everyday, they know they are being watched by the Russian government. They are on the front line like no other Christians I have ever known. We are blessed to be able to help support them financially each month. Without financial help from us and many others it might not happen.

Last Friday, they came back to Mansfield for a quick 10 day visit. They get a 3 month furlow back to the U.S. every 3 years. They brought all 5 of their kids with them ….Yea 5. On top of all they are doing, God led them to adopt brothers they met in an orphanage over there.

It was so great to see them, hug them and hear all of their stories. Their Russian is great and their kids are all doing incredible as a blended family. When they go back, their real work will begin and who knows how often they will be able to return to civilization and send us all an email update from around the world and one of the most desolate places on the map.

These people are real warriors of the faith.

Now I have a much better perspective on what all missionaries really do for God and it makes me realize how little the rest of us really contribute.

To support them, simply email Mr. H at They need all the money they can get.

Building Families Quinn Fund

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, Julie and I recently adopted a baby boy from South Korea name Quinn Seong Wook. His is an amazing boy and fits right in with our family. We are truly amazed at God’s goodness and how He puts children and families together via adoption.

We have been working with Dillon International since our return and together have set up a “Fund” called the Building Families Quinn Fund in honor of our son to assist other families who feel led to adopt and help a child have a forever family. This fund will provide finances to other families who desire to adopt but may be held back for financial reasons. We personally plan to contribute monthly and wanted you all to know how you can help if you feel led. There are many families right now in the process that need grants from a fund like this and we can all help make sure a child is not left without a family simply because of money. Quinn’s Fund will be set aside specifically for children in South Korea and will also target kids with special needs.

This is a great way to give and all donations are tax deductible thanks to Dillon.

To help, click the link below, click on the “Donate Now” button and then choose “Quinn Fund” under the program selection options.

Thanks for each of you and God Bless!

For more on Quinn see his blog: