Building Families Quinn Fund

Dear Friends and Family,

As you know, Julie and I recently adopted a baby boy from South Korea name Quinn Seong Wook. His is an amazing boy and fits right in with our family. We are truly amazed at God’s goodness and how He puts children and families together via adoption.

We have been working with Dillon International since our return and together have set up a “Fund” called the Building Families Quinn Fund in honor of our son to assist other families who feel led to adopt and help a child have a forever family. This fund will provide finances to other families who desire to adopt but may be held back for financial reasons. We personally plan to contribute monthly and wanted you all to know how you can help if you feel led. There are many families right now in the process that need grants from a fund like this and we can all help make sure a child is not left without a family simply because of money. Quinn’s Fund will be set aside specifically for children in South Korea and will also target kids with special needs.

This is a great way to give and all donations are tax deductible thanks to Dillon.

To help, click the link below, click on the “Donate Now” button and then choose “Quinn Fund” under the program selection options.

Thanks for each of you and God Bless!

For more on Quinn see his blog:

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