Girls Transition to Big-Girl Beds

I cannot believe nearly 3 years has gone by since my baby girls were infants! How is that possible? It seems like a blink ago that Julie and I were putting together their gribs. Today we spent the day transitioning them into “toddler beds”. The girls took their first naps in them today.

My dad keeps telling me one day I will be saying, “It seems like yesterday they were being born and here they are getting married!”.

I can only pray somehow time stands still a little longer.

2 thoughts on “Girls Transition to Big-Girl Beds

  1. Ugg…you keep on and on about how our girls are about to turn three…and each post makes me long for the days that they were little again! I can’t believe it! It’s been a riot seeing them grow into their own personalities and sometimes, I wonder if somehow I got the child from the Funny Farm! LOL!! These next years will prove to be exciting…and I’m so glad we can do this all together!! BIG HUGS!


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