Family Vacation Deserved a Gold Medal!

It was cool and rainy off and on during our beach house, week long stay on the west end of Galveston Island, but it was a pleasant change from the 100 degree summer we have had so far this year!

Quinn loved his first beach experience (he ate about 2 lbs of sand) and the girls discovered the art of boogie-boarding in 2 inch water. This year we stayed a little longer and planned to do a lot less than usual so we had more beach and relaxation time. It was so nice. We did manage to eat at Marios, have some Shipley Donuts one morning, see the Sea Turtle facility, shop the Strand, and make our way over to fun times at the Kemah Boardwalk.

One of the biggest memories we will all keep was watching America kick some rear in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, especially Michael Phelps. What an amazing thing he has done, huh? Eight Golds!?

Nothing like a good ol’ family vacation. Now it will take us 2 weeks to get back to normal around here…

For the pics visit our website here:

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