Where is the Love?

Three years ago we heard about Katrina and city of New Orleans for MONTHS before coverage went away. Yet, with damage nearly the same in (if not worse) in Galveston/Houston just 4 days ago, the coverage has all but disappeared already.

Dumb people living/staying in a flooded city BELOW SEA level get more love….figures.

Here are some very sad photos of a place I love and spent many a day with my mom and sister with during my childhood. It will never be the same.

Pray for those in the Houston/Galveston area and those in western Louisiana too. For many, all was lost.


Donate to the North Texas Food Bank today!

One thought on “Where is the Love?

  1. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised by the lack of media coverage after Ike, and it was based on the Katrina coverage. New Orleans wasn’t the hardest hit part of Katrina — my mom’s home state of Mississippi was. It saw unmatched devastation, entire neighborhoods cleared away, lawsuits against insurers like State Farm (was it a flood or wind that caused the damage), and let’s not forget the disaster after Katrina – Hurricane FEMA. But, because too many NOLA residents stayed behind (and too much incompetence by every level of gov’t), that’s all we heard about for years….The good news is while the media has forgotten about Galveston/Houston/Bolivar/Beaumont and western Louisiana, the generous hearts of Americans haven’t forgotten them. Consider the relief operations provided by the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the Southern Baptist Convention, among many others. Consider the cities and churches that opened their doors to evacuees. And consider the hard work of first responders, electric and water department employees and hospital staff to make those cities livable again in as short a time as possible.Maybe that’s the real story here, Brady. With competent local leadership in many of these communities (contrasted with the idiocy of Nagin and others in NOLA), and the private initiative of so many, the media had no circus to film. BTW, Galveston was our family destination for many a trip, too. We were down there the week before Gustav hit Louisiana. I can’t fathom the destruction I’ve seen on the Web and on the TV from Ike. It really makes me sad.-Roy


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