Cowboys Practice

Wednesday was one of the highlights of all of my days as a Cowboys fan. My company has been in the process of buying some club seats at the new stadium for 2009 and the Cowboys have been pulling out all the stops to get us (and others I am sure) to move forward in our decision.

Wednesday, they invited just a few of us to come out to a private practice for a few hours at Valley Ranch. About 12 of us sat under a small tent located in the back of the endzone watching players get ready for their game Sunday. It was incredible. Balls were bouncing into our chairs and players were running right into us on long routes. I was only able to grab a few cell phone pics.

We also got to tour their locker room and the valley ranch offices. Jerry Jones was supposed to be there as well, but he got called into a surprise meeting with the NCAA.

Inside I was screaming to myself like a school-girl getting to do something only a handful of people ever get to do (practices are even closed off to the media) but outside I played the CEO role pretty well. Even my business partner was impressed in how I contained myself.

What a day.

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