Two Issues Being Ignored in the Debates! Christians Beware

In a matter of days the most important spiritual/moral election in our recent history will take place. Many are still trying to decide and many call themselves Christians. We have heard alot about the economy, energy, healthcare and national defense.

Putting the party platforms aside and ignoring the scary connections to questionable people Obama is friends with, there are really only two issues that a Christian needs to consider regarding this Presidential election. And both of these have huge moral and spiritual consequences should we choose wrongly.

1. Supreme Court Justice Selection – more than likely the next President will elect 1-2 (if not more) Supreme Court Justices. These judges dictate the laws of our nation. The more liberal those judges are, the more likely it will be that our religious freedoms and Christ-like, Biblical-based values will be under even more attack. These judges serve for life or until they retire which could be a catastrophe of historic proportions if Obama is elected and has a democratic controlled congress to approve liberal judges. Obama has made it clear he will nominate such judges. God help us all if this happens and we turn even further away from God because of even more liberal judicial decisions.

2. Abortion – Not only is Obama pro-abortion, but he is even more pro-abortion than others such as Hillary Clinton! He refused to sign a bill recently that would prohibit doctors from attempting to help a baby that survived an abortion, thus requiring the doctors and nurses to watch babies who are now OUT-OF-THE-WOMB starve and die a painful death. In 2003, Obama prevented the Born Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA) from even getting a hearing in the Senate. BAIPA stated that all live-born babies were guaranteed the same constitutional right to equal protection, whether or not they were wanted. This is murder at the highest level (these babies are out of the womb!) and until America overturns our abortion laws we will see God’s hand continue to be removed from our nation. This is why the first item (Judges) is so important!

Anyone that calls themself a Christian that could sit there and watch a baby struggle to breathe, without water or food or attention, sometimes for hours before they die, does not know the Jesus I know that gave His own life for us. To support a man that has no desire to end this horrible infantcide and stands in favor of other abortion rights laws is completely irresponsible.

If you are a true Christian – that is a follower of Christ, and somehow you have talked yourself into supporting Obama and excusing his liberal stances that are in direct conflict to the Biblical values all true Christians are called to follow, then you, my friend, are being deceived. You either believe in God’s word or you don’t. It is that simple. The Bible clearly warns us all to be cautious of smooth talking leaders and teachers!

I read recently about a local pastor in the DFW area that basically said from the pulpit what I just stated above. His congregation is highly diverse and many are black. All of them profess to know the Lord and trust in Christ. Yet, after he made those comments (which are all very Biblical and true) nearly every black person stood up and left his church that day.

I wasn’t surprised. Too many Christians today allow faith to be secondary to race, politics, and social tolerance.

Pass this on, make sure you vote and as a believer, DON’T BE SILENT!!!

This election is too important for those of us that truly follow Christ to sit idly by and wait for all hell to break loose and if Obama wins, it will.

“For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people.” Romans 16:18

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