What About the Fellas?

Back in the early 1990s a group that would become known as “das fellas” formed in the heartland of Texas, at Howard Payne University in Brownwood. Over the years the group has included the likes of many from the DFW area and even a lone TCU grad.

Myself, Clint Locks, David Curlee, David Tercek, Tim Williams and Scott Rinehart were the founders if you will and for the most part we stay in touch. The likes of Matt Sherman, Michael Harris, Ralph Jensen, Chris Novinger, Jason Myers, Greg Hightower and some others have since become a part of the clan. From the filming of “Attack of the Killer Spoons” in 1993 to “Revenge of the Forks” in 2007 (still in production – ehm Dave) the fellas have been one hilarious group.

Saturday a huge day occured as the final fella holding out on family and marriage finally agreed to terms with his lovely woman, Jenn. Yes, Scott Rinehart took the plunge before 40 (and hopefully before 10pm Saturday after the ceremony – he,he) and got himself married!

Michael T did the same a few months earlier leaving Scott as the lone “single”, never married ranger.

Not no mo.

He is now married and the fellas are officially off the market.

Sorry ladies, but it was about time we all grew up….

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