Trip of a Lifetime

I have been a Corvette enthusiast for years now. I bought my first one in 2003, a yellow C5 convertible. Then in 2005 I bumped up to a new C6 Yellow coupe. My dream Vette is the Z06 hardtop however as they were introduced to us in 2006.

After having three kids and tail-spinning down into a minivan I had no idea just a few years later I would end up being fortunate enough to get back into a Vette and my dream car at that!

Right now you can almost steal cars from dealers so I had to at least look into the possibility of getting a Vette again. I quickly learned if there ever was a time, NOW was the time. I found a used 2006 Z06 at a dealership in Cleveland and decided to go for it. These cars were selling for over $72,000 two years ago. I would be ashamed to even share what I stole this one for with only 9,000 miles on it!

On top of buying the car, I took advantage of my love for road trips and decided to drive the car back to Texas myself. I flew Southwest to Cleveland on Monday and drove this sweet baby all the way back to her home here in Texas!

I completed my longest alone road trip ever! I saw Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis and Little Rock along they way. Plus, I got to visit the NFL Hall of Fame which was great and spent 3 hours in Bowling Green, KY where they made my Z06 at the GM factory there. I even got to tour the factory. It was unreal. The Corvette Museum was really cool too. Despite the bad weather for the entire trip (snow, ice, rain, fog) I really had fun. I stopped in Louisville and Little Rock on the way. It was a 1300 mile trip that took me from Monday until Wednesday.

Some observations from my trip:

1. Cracker Barrels have to be the number one restaurant in the midwest!

2. Every major city between here and there is a copycat of the other in many ways – same retail centers, same looking malls, hotels, gas stations – pretty bland if you ask me.

3. Memphis is one dirty place.

4. Cincinnati was way cool.

5. The Corvette Museum and GM Factory Tour are musts!

6. People in the North drive like maniacs in snowy weather!

7. The OJ Simpson bust in he NFL Hall of Fame is eerie.

8. Marriott has it down when it comes to hotels!

Thankfully we are not just a minivan fam any longer!

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