Turn Out the Lights…

For 37 years Texas Stadium has stood in the crosspaths of the metroplex as a beacan of sports hope. Ever year Cowboy fans have gathered around her 8-10 times a year to step away from reality for a day with high expectations our Boys might find their way to another SuperBowl run.

I too have spent my share of time at Texas Stadium. My dad took me to my first game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the 80s. I worked at the Stadium in 1990 helping people find their seats while earning $25 a game, my company was fortunate to rent a suite for 3 years and now I have season tickets on the lower level.

The Cowboys are my drug. They are my escape from it all and Texas Stadium has been my dealer and last night she gave it one final bow as we turned out the lights on an era chopped full of incredible memories.

Here are some of the moments I can remember the most in my days at the Stadium:
1. The first game I worked at the stadium in 1990.
2. The loss to Pittsburgh when Vinny Testaverde fumbled away the ball in 2004.
3. The Donovan McNabb 18 second pass play to TO.
4. The first time Equal Health rented a suite.
5. The first Speers Thanksgiving in the suite in 2005.
6. Tony Romo’s 5 touchdown game in Thanksgiving in 2006.
7. Baltimore’s 4th quarter back-to-back 70+ yard touchdown runs in the final game at Texas Stadium.
8. The horrible 10-9 Cowboys vs. Redskins game in 2001.
9. Promise Keepers in 1994.
10. The U2 concert in 1992.
11. The free Carman concert in 1994 with 72,000 in attendence.
12. The Cowboys victory over the Giants in 2008.
13. The burned up Aston Martin car next to us in the parking lot in 2008.

I could go on forever. Texas Stadium was special. And the new Texas Stadium being built in Arlington will be neat as well. But it still won’t be the same.

My dad joined me for the final game. It was coldest time I can remember there and it was a bitter loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Yet the game itself will be ranked up there as one of the craziest ending games I have seen at the Stadium.

The closing ceremony was nice with over 100 former players and coaches in attendence. In the end the banners were lowered. Then, Dandy Don was shown singing “turn out the lights the party is over” as the scoreboards went dark and the lights were turned off.

Thanks for all the memories Texas Stadium. An era is complete.

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