History Has Been Made – Change is Coming

Today history will be made.

No matter how you voted in 2008, today America takes a big step by inaugurating Barack Obama as the first African-American as President.

At 12:00 pm EST America will begin to change.

The problem is, the change coming does not look good. Look for an increase in taxes, spending, weaker defense, more acceptance of homosexuality, less moral accountability, rampant liberal agendas, liberal Judges, corrupt government officials and certainly more abortions. Sunday was “Sanctity of Life” day, yet starting today it is likely this administration will allow even more than the 1.3 million that already occur each year in this nation.

Tonight there will be a party in the streets of Washington that will make MTV look tame. Maybe Brooke and Wild On E! will show up…

In the 3 months since he became President-elect we have heard nothing but controversy already. Everyone he knows seems to have some kind of track record – corruption, fraud, socialistic ties, non-tax payers, immorality, strong liberal agendas, terrorists, racist pastors, you name it. Everyone this man seems tied to is questionable.

If he were a conservative candidate, he would have been run out of town for having even just a few of these connections. But he wasn’t. Obama is lovable, gives good speeches, says all the right things, spent nearly 1 billion for adds, promises the world, and stands for nothing but everything so all people will like him. And people have emotionally fallen for it hook-line-and-sinker.

He has the celebrities, most of the media and even support from over 40% of those that call themselves Christians.

I am not trying to be a doomsayer. God is still in control even of Obama. But truth is God may very well allow us to lie in the bed we made by voting this man into office. Sometimes God does just that.

Heaven help us.

It is time we strive that conservative, Christian values are not lost forever. We must watch this administration like a hawk, prepare now for 2012 and pray like never before..


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