Deep in the Heart of Texas

Being a licensed insurance agents means every 2-3 years I have to spend about 30 hours in “continuing education”. I elected to do mine online and decided I would hit two birds with one stone and do so at my alma mater, Howard Payne University, in Brownwood, Texas. I try to get down there once a year or so at Homecoming or another time, so I thought this would make for the perfect “escape”. Plus, I had two tests to take at the end of my online courses and it has been awhile since I have done that. Maybe HPU could bring back some old studying habits…

Brownwood is located just a few miles from the dead center of Texas. Or, as I like to say it, “in the middle of nowhere.” Other than that, HPU and Underwoods BBQ there really isn’t much special about the city. Being a big city boy myself (Houston/Dallas), Brownwood gives me a taste of the “other way” people live. Needless to say, I did it from 1991-1993, but I have no desire to do so again.

While I was there, I did get to visit a few places I cherish like Achmed and Bosa, the Regency Suspension Bridge, Purina Tower, the Spillway and Lake Brownwood, the old Club J building, my first ChickFiLa at the Heartland “Hall” and the dead center of Texas near the town of Brady, of all things.Life there is slow and the places dies down to nothing after 8pm and I do mean nothing – no car noises, no planes…nada.

A day or so later I was back in the Metroplex enjoying the city thinking about the old days and looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes, I did pass my exams and my hours are done….at least until 2011.

Family Enjoys Korean Meal

In celebration of Julie’s birthday and Korean New Years, we met up with some co-adoptive friends, Tim and Margie and their kids, Ryan and Mary for a traditional Korean BBQ meal in Dallas. It was an incredible time of cooking and fun. What an experience and the meat was incredible.

We are doing all we can to create an arranged marriage between little Mary and our Quinny! She is just so cute and a little fireball at that!

BTW – Quinn LOVED the Korean food. He ate like there was no tomorrow…