The Q-ster Update

Quinny is one funny dude.

As he approaches turning 2, we have learned that he is far superior in abilities than his age!

He can repeat anything he hears – including “Oh Crap” which he said one day from the backseat with Daddy driving. He can say his ABCs perfectly. He says “Mommy” about 100 times a day and he says “No, no Daddy” while waving his hand and giggling when I come calling for him. He can climb anything and does so all the time. He eats with a fork or spoon while refusing a high chair our booster seat – he has to sit like an adult. He can sing most songs he hears – especially “Happy Birthday Dear Becky” (his aunt). He can open all doors, turn everything on or off that he wants and he can watch you do something one time and nearly figure out how to do it himself.

He is one smart little man.

It has been just over a year since we became a family of 5, but certainly he pulls his own weight equal or more than the girls do combined.

I have always thought there is something very special about this child. He has the brains, the personality and even the looks to set the world a blaze!

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