A $1 Billion Dollar Home

I love football season. Thank God the Rangers and Astros both are still in the baseball hunt or my sport world would be drier than a 100 degree day in Dallas, but still, nothing gets me more fired up than knowing football season is just around the corner.

And for those of us season ticket holders stupid enough to mortgage our great grandchildren’s future, their new home in Arlington recently topped $1,000,000,000 to build.
My office sits on the 6th floor of a building just down the street so we have watched it go up daily now since 2007. I have been tracking this montser via photos for the last two years. Below are a few with a link to them all. Enjoy.

We take a tour next week – more photos of the incredible Jerry Jones world will be posted then.

For now let’s hope it all pays off in the Boys actually winning a post season game…


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