A 4 Year Old Trapped in a 2 Year Old Body

Ok, maybe I am just a tad one-sided in this affair, but I am not exaggerating (for real) when I say our little Quinners is one smart dude. I mean, the girls are smart too, but he is so far ahead of them at his age compared to when they were two it is not even funny. The day we first saw his photo we knew he was special. His attitude, personality and smile rival any I have ever seen.

Yet, little did we know, this little 4 year old trapped in a 2 year old body was created to soon rule our world

BEFORE he turned two he:

– could basically count to 10
– could sing parts to almost any song he heard (including many on the radio)
– studies how anyone does anything and attempts to duplicate the act and in most cases succeeds
– can play with the Iphone
– speaks in complete sentences (he can put words together better than they can pronounce them – his brain is ahead of his tongue)
– he comprehends EVERYTHING he hears (i.e. Julie and I could be having an adult conversation about going to the mall for some reason, he will hear us talking and then ask when we are going to the mall)
– he can nearly swim and willfully and happily goes under water holding his breath
– he was running way before 18 months
– he practices going potty (I swear if we took his diaper off he would plop down on the toilet, do number two, wipe his own rear, get up and wash his hands and come out saying “Do NOT go in there!”)

– he takes off his own diaper (to mom’s horror) and calls himself “Stinky McFly”
– he has been eating with a fork and a spoon since he was 12 months old (he is still a disaster when we eat however and it gets everywhere)
– he has never used a passi
– he drinks from an adult cup and has been now for months
– he has been sitting in an adult chair since 18 months old when we eat shocking many waitresses (he has never sat in a booster seat)
– he can nearly say all of his ABCs
– when I get home for the day and ask him what he did today he gives me a complete, honest run down of all of his activities and I understand them all (sometimes I get more from him than Julie)
Surely, he has two sisters to emulate and copy and he certainly does that, all day long. Yet, this child is amazing.

In more ways than one.

2 thoughts on “A 4 Year Old Trapped in a 2 Year Old Body

  1. That is AWESOME! Bright kid who’s getting a chance. Glad he’s making Dad proud. The question is: can you give HIM a run down of YOUR day?! He may be ahead of you on that one… (or at least ahead of me)


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