Girls Turn 48 Months

Forty-eight short months ago our lives changed forever when our girls, Sidney and Chloe were born at Arlington Memorial Hospital. About this time in the morning we became parents of two incredible little (and I do mean little) beautiful girls!

Over the last 4 years life has been crazy yet fun all at the same time. The sad thing about having a baby is that one day the baby becomes a small child and gone are the days of telling people “she’s 19 months” or he’s about to be “6 months”. For some reason, once they turn 2, we start reporting their ages in years.

Well, I am changing the tide. My little babies are going to be aged by months from now on. I want it back. It’s just going too fast.

“How old are they?”, I can see someone asking me down the road.

“Oh, they are 480 months,” I answer as I stand and cheer on the Cowboys Cheerleader group they made at 20 years old during a game, “Good job Chloe! Good job Sid!”

In the mean time, we enjoy the moments of them turning our world upside down! 48 months later our world is still spinning!

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