New Business Launched Today

My days of dealing with the headaches of selling health insurance are going on pause for a while – at least for the most part.

As of today, we launched a new division – EMI – that will offer small businesses advertising on Google at unreal rates. We have struck a deal with a company called AdzZoo and Chris and I are fortunate enough to know and have direct connections to the owners and executives involved in this new company. Thanks to a long-term business contact, this opportunity has been made to us just at the time when we were getting really tired of the healthcare rat-race.

We will still offer health and life plans, but it is now about 10% of our overall production strategy.

If anyone wants details on how you can use this service for your own business, OR want the opportunity to start a business with us, please see the link below and I will personally be glad to train and show you how. It is truly unlike anything I have ever seen!


Quinn Loving MDO School

Our little Quinster is quickly coming into his own during his two days a week at our local Mother’s Day Out program. It is so amazing to see him progress and jump into things, following his sisters every steps.

He is learning the songs, enjoying play time, making some new friends and really coming out of his shell – not that he was ever in one! LOL.

He had a few rough days in the begining but as long as his little “Howie” is with him, he just loves it!

Big Day for the Brady Bunch

Yep, it sure is going to be a big day!

1. Girls start school and will be separated for first time.
2. Quinn starts Mother’s Day Out! Should be a little crazy but he will love hanging out with some boys for a change. Maybe it will get him away from those purses and high heels!
3. Julie starts PTA!
4. Brady’s new office opens up – new era for Equal Health!
5. Brady and Julie get back to the gym! I need it way more than her!

Final Summertime Fun

Well, the summer is offically over now. It ended with a bang yesterday as we took the kids to Hawaiian Falls one final time. Such a great day outside too. Now for the next 9 months we will have to explain how the waterpark is closed every single time we drive by – which is alot since we live down the street!

Potty Training Isn’t That Hard

Ok, so Quinn is a one of a kind child.

Two days ago, out of nowhere, he takes off his diaper and decides he wanted to go potty – in the potty. Julie rushed to get him his little toddler potty and sure enough, he sat down and went teetee all on his own according.

If I could bottle Quinn up I would be a zillionaire!

Now, let’s see if he can figure out the “aiming” side of this thing once he learns he needs to pee standing up!

Fellas Entering Era of Turning 40

This fall the fellas will begin their collective decent “down the hill” as many begin turning 40. I of am now leading the pack, as Tercek is far ahead and left us in the dust, with Clint and RJ quickly behind. After that, the likes of Greg, Scott and Michael will soon follow.

I really cannot believe I will be 40 in just 60 days. But, trust me, I am already working on all I plan to say about that big day! For now, I have to get to bed. It’s 10:22pm, WAY past my bedtime….