Quinny Update

I am still blown away by our little Quinny. I got to spend some good one-on-one time with him last weekend as we had a few “daddy days” in a row since the girls were out of town and I truly enjoyed it.

Yes he is two in all sense of the word, and yes he is a boy which compounds his troubles. But, this little guy is a bundle full of joy too. He makes everyone around him smile (always has). Everywhere we went he was waving at people and saying all kinds of stuff. He is such a talker. He can say his ABCs, the pledge, his night time prayers, and tons of other stuff. Basically, at two, he can talk nearly as good as his sisters who are 4 and he says everything he hears too. He is one smart cookie though. Few things get past him and you can see his mind racing in his eyes when you try and fool him.

He is the only on in our famiyl who is a morning person. Most days I get him out of bed and the first thing he does is go in and wake up his sisters with a big happy “Good morning!”. Then he quickly heads downstairs to climb into bed and bumps heads with mommy and pulls on her saying “time to get up!”. Does it nearly every morning. LOL.

Soon it will almost be two years since we first saw his cute little smile and felt God’s tug to add little Seong Wook to our family. I cannot even imagine had we not responded. Life just would not be the same – for all of us.

My favorite thing? The way he says “daddy”. Nothing is cuter.

2 thoughts on “Quinny Update

  1. Can’t believe it’s been almost two years! That means we’re coming up on two years too, I guess. Just amazing.Happy belated birthday too, btw. I’m nipping at your heels on the 40 thing…”Hi” to everyone!


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