Quinn Tries out Big Boy Bed

It’s a sad yet exciting moment for the family. Our little Quinny has graduated (we think) from his crib to a “big boy” Tommy the Train bed.

After Julie put it together (yea, I was a slacker), he proudly took his first nap in it yesterday. Then that night he excitedly laid down and slept without a peep until 8am!

It’s weird that all three of our kids are already no longer “babies”. We are excited about it, yet somewhat scared about how fast it all is going.

Now, all we need to do is figure out how to get him to pee and poop in the “big boy potty”.

One thought on “Quinn Tries out Big Boy Bed

  1. try getting him use to “going like a big boy” by taking him outside and you two pee’n on a tree. Justin did that with Stellon and got him used to standing up and p’ing. Moving him to the bowl was easy after he got used to the idea….. I’d not teach him to take a dump outside though…. that could be awkward when y’all are at a church-wide picnic or something…


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