Seven Year Itch

Never have understood this “7 year itch” myth. I’ve had an itch since I was 3. Just ask my wife as I lay in bed scratching and driving her to new levels of insanity few have experienced.

Seven years ago had she known this realty, she just might have gotten an itch to say “c ya”. But lucky for me, I got her locked in, haze-grey and under-way.

Hard to believe this weekend we will have been married for 7 years and known each other for close to a decade. Without getting t0o graphic, those early days sure were fun in the sun – if you get my drift – wink, wink. After all, we did produce identical twins…

This weekend we planned a little excursion of sorts to the W Hotel in Dallas. Been FOUR-EV-ER since we have had a real adult, party night out on the town. I was pumped. Even had a sexy new lingerie outfit picked out that I felt confident and sexy in. It was gonna be one fun evening….

Then Sidney vomited.

“Hello, W Hotel in Dallas? Hi….I need to cancel our reservations for tomorrow. My child just barfed and it looks like we are going to have yet another planned hot night at home. Yes….right…yes she will likely be wearing her baby blue M&M long t-shirt and I will be in boxers. The dogs? Yea, correct….they will either be in the bed or by it….one snoring louder than me.”

Married with Children continues…

One thought on “Seven Year Itch

  1. You have been living my life. No surprise, there, you know. Keep a stiff, er, upper lip, brotha, and your time will come for that get-away. Sure do love you, man. Can’t wait to see you in June.


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