The Floor Cracked Us Up

This will take some explaining, but it sure was funny.

Let me set the stage. In our home we have wood floors that run from the front door, down the hallway completely covering the kitchen and dining room ending at our bedroom. Over the last 8 years water from the dog bowl has basically ruined an area about the size of a door mat. It was only a natural move for us to cover this area with a rug in order to hide the ugliness until we redo the floors completely.

However, after Julie removed the mat the other day she immediately realized that was a “bad idea jeans” move; the floor looks way worse. It was wet, moldy looking in some spots and boards were sticking up or pealing back. It was an ugly, scary looking sight. In a last ditch effort we placed a box fan in the area to dry up the wetness with hopes we could avoid having to do major repair work right now. We will see.

Now, for the other part of this story.

Both of our 5 year old twin daughters have started having these “night terror” dreams. Not fun for anyone. They awaken in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder causing the entire southern region of Mansfield to bolt up out of their beds with personal protection devices armed and ready for action. Seriously. When I say scream I don’t mean a little “ahhhh!” We are talking Nightmare on Elm Street levels of fear bursting out of their throats.

Hearts pounding we both usually leap out of bed (and I do mean leap!) and run to the stairs where they are usually standing at the top screaming and crying saying “I had a bad dream!” Honestly it is kind of sad because we all have had those “bad dreams” but it’s just such a violent way to wake the family at 3am nearly every night.

But last night topped them all.

About 3am our night of deep sleep came to a crashing halt. Screaming was taking place within our very room! Hearts in throats we scrambled out of bed thinking we had just been raided by 3 foot curly blond home-invasion criminals. I was reeling with thoughts of getting my gun, or a knife, whatever thinking I was about to have to go into my powerful, much practiced, terminate the enemy, defend-the-family mode.

I had been in the middle of my own amazing dream – running on the beach with rock hard abs while bikini babes chased me, yelling my name, wanting me bad – when my mind made the realization that the screaming I was hearing was coming from the mouths of babes, just not on the beach! Julie’s intense dream of cooking me the best homemade pizza ever was interrupted too as the screaming filled our ears from just a few feet away.

Within seconds our arms were around them both. Chloe was the most upset.

“What is wrong!” I asked.

“I had a bad dream,” Chloe said sobbing and shaking like a leaf.

“You did?” I said. (Julie was consoling Sidney)

“It’s ok baby. Calm down.” Her intense shaking and crying continued. “It’s gonna be alright.”

“We all have bad dreams honey,” I said. “It’s ok. Mommy and daddy are right here.”

We carried them into the living room, making our way to the couches, both still sobbing. It was obvious it was a bad one. This was going to take some time to get the place back in order. My own dream was on hold for at least another hour.

Wondering what her dream was about, I pressed her for details. It surely had to include some scary scene from a show we had watched, or a monster from one of their Disney DVDs. It was bad whatever it was. Might even include some Bigfoot fears passed down via my DNA.

“Chloe, what was your bad dream about,” I asked.

She mumbled something between a sob.

“What?” I asked again.

“I had dreamed about (mumble),” she said unintelligibly.

Not wanting to get her fear activated again I gave it a few minutes.

Then finally I asked again and her answer was more clear though I was confused as to what it sounded like. I thought I heard what she said but I just had to clarify that I heard her right.

“Did you say you had a bad dream about the floor!?”

Shaking and sobbing still, she replied as serious as her little self could.


Need I say more. I am still laughing now.


*sigh* Another Great Show Is Gone

Sadly another one of our favorite shows came to an end tonight as “24” closed out with a bang. Sure the show had it’s quirks and such, but it was a great series based on a cool, creative concept.

Few characters rise to the occasion like Jack Bauer did and we will surely miss his grit and ability to withstand torture, stabbings, gun shot wounds, poison, bombs and the likes all in a days work.
Let’s face it, TV shows bite these days. Few make you laugh and it is reality and drama show overload.

I wish we could get one more season at out of Jack and CTU…..*sigh*.

Finally – a GetAway

The last time Julie and I snuck off for a few days was in the fall of 2008 with our visit to the Ozarks in Arkansas.

Yesterday we finally started another one in the great city of San Antonio. It’s a whole new world down here without the kids too. We enjoyed some Hard Rock Cafe burgers for lunch yesterday on the River Walk. Then we checked in at the amazing Hyatt HillCountry Resort, and spent the evening at the Alamo Quarry Market – dinner at Canyon Cafe, a 7pm flick (“Date Night” – VERY funny!) and then some dessert at Amy’s Ice Cream and ending the night with some wine here at Charlie’s Long Bar.

Today we will bask in the sun around the pool, get a massage and I will work on my Club J story. We don’t really plan to leave until maybe tonight. Who knows. We have no agenda and THAT is what we need.


You should be.

Boy how we needed this…sorry kiddos, see you Sunday.

Six Flags Then & Now

Tonight we randomly decided to make a family run to Six Flags. Sitting right across the street from my office I see the place all day long. Yet something is still magical about entering the park mid-afternoon on a sunny day and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and rides.

Of course this time I wasn’t 15 chasing 15 year old girls around either.

Rather, I’m 40 with a wife and three kiddos.

Walking around the place it really was weird. In all the years since those pimple-faced days of old the park really hasn’t changed that much. Last time Julie and I went was 2001 when we were DATING. Yet, back in the 80s this was THE place to be. Such fun times.

Tonight was a blast too. Quinny fell in love with speed and his little Loony Toons land coaster. The girls jumped right in with most of their rides too. Julie and I could do nothing more than just look at our “adult” rides in the distance of course.

Maybe one day we’ll go back, just the two of us, and finally ride Superman.

If not, until then we’re happy taking the kids. It’s just a fun place to go.

Three Under the Age of Five

For those of you without kids and for those of you beyond these days, enjoy.

This is our life:

“stop it…put that down…don’t do that…what’s in your mouth…where did you get that?!…what are you doing!?…stop running with that…wipe your own butt!….are you poopy or did you just tootoot?…get down…sit down…turn around…move…be quiet… please just…obey me now…really?!?!…oh my gosh!…tell me…put that away…let it go… give it to me… NO…. NOW!… one! two!…. I said yes… don’t ask me again… get back in bed… what now!?…shut that door…yes I will put cream on it in a second!… get out of that…spit that out, don’t eat that…eat another bite….where did you get that gum?… why are you crying…you don’t need a bandaid…you don’t need medicine… stop whining… can you whine a little more please…Quinn get your hand out of your pants!…stop fighting…we don’t talk about our butts/poop/boobies or bobo…don’t hit…say excuse me…can you whine a litle more?…apologize now…what do you say?… get in time out now…lay down!… stop singing Christmas songs… there’s no need to yell… you already asked me that… where did he/she go?…where is he/she?…put down my phone…no, more Dora/Mickey/Handy Manny/ a minute…where did you learn that?!”

(to ourselves and between us) “no more kids…kill me now…why did we want kids again?…it’s gonna cost HOW MUCH?!…yes one day we will get to go on a trip alone again….you’re lucky so-and-so is still alive…shoot me now…where’s the wine?…go get more wine…we are out of wine…call your parents…who’s crying?…when did he/she start doing that!?!?!”

End of the day:

“The kids are so funny!” I say smiling.

“Yes, they are….” Julie replies.

“What do you think about four?” I ask.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”


Sports Duldrum Begins

Thanks to my lame Mavs and Stars, the 2010 sports summer started early and is going to be ONE LONG BORING PHASE.

Let’s face it…between NASCAR, golf and baseball, it’s really a dead time for exciting sports activity. To top that off what shows during the summer really get your juices flowing? Yea, exactly,…nada.

I’ve been fortunate that usually I have someone to cheer on well into May and even early June shortening the time between then and August when football gets cranking. This year….oh man is it gonna be a bore.

Too bad I can’t depend on my Astros or Rangers to do much for me.

Guess I’ll just have to enjoy the sun, work my butt off and make some money and spend more time with the kiddos and wifey.