Six Flags Then & Now

Tonight we randomly decided to make a family run to Six Flags. Sitting right across the street from my office I see the place all day long. Yet something is still magical about entering the park mid-afternoon on a sunny day and enjoying the sights, sounds, smells and rides.

Of course this time I wasn’t 15 chasing 15 year old girls around either.

Rather, I’m 40 with a wife and three kiddos.

Walking around the place it really was weird. In all the years since those pimple-faced days of old the park really hasn’t changed that much. Last time Julie and I went was 2001 when we were DATING. Yet, back in the 80s this was THE place to be. Such fun times.

Tonight was a blast too. Quinny fell in love with speed and his little Loony Toons land coaster. The girls jumped right in with most of their rides too. Julie and I could do nothing more than just look at our “adult” rides in the distance of course.

Maybe one day we’ll go back, just the two of us, and finally ride Superman.

If not, until then we’re happy taking the kids. It’s just a fun place to go.

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