Summer Time Brings Busy Fun

The reality is life is just ALWAYS busy. Any parent will tell you. Just when you think, “oh good. Summer is here!” life just keeps on trucking along at full speed.

Last summer my business was nearly taken out from under me by some former friends and close employees. It was NOT a good summer. Stress, worry, fear and lots of anger and confusion filled our minds.

But God has been beyond good the last 12 months as He has restored things, brought us new plans and visions and given us a total new focus on life, His work and His nature. The future could not look better! The return to a sense of normalcy being the biggest of all blessings for sure. So I welcome a packed calendar this go around!

This summer for us looks packed nearly each week from here until school starts back up too. VBS, family vacation (hopefully two), friends coming in town, trips to the zoo, church volunteering each Wed, soccer practice for Quinn, Hawaiian Falls trips, grandparent visits, gymnastics for the girls, various church events, 4th of July family fun, Tyler trips, home group meetings, our own summer party, business summer bash and other business activities.

At the same time, this is what makes life fun. In between all of those things there will be plenty of time for a few Rangers games, some small cookouts, swimming in the pool and spontaneous fun that should include some movies, Six Flags, shopping, time with friends, etc.

Summer is fun. But, it sure is busy. Hope yours is as good as ours looks to be!