Just Another Time to Say Thanks

Once a year we slow down just enough to think about all we have and how much worse it could be.

All of us should be thankful. I know we are.

I am thankful for….

our salvation and God’s grace
my health
my wife’s health
our kid’s health
my wife (I am sure she is thankful for me….most days)
our amazing kids
our incredible families
the amazing group of friends we have
my business making it through another year
our wonderful church right down the street
the trips we’ve been able to take
the fun times we have had
God giving us strength in our worries
God providing week after week
our freedom in this country
what looks like a fun, amazing future!

Oh there is alot more for sure but time is after all, of the essence and we have a pizza in the oven – homemade too.

One thing I have learned in my 41 short years is to always remain in a state of humility and gratefulness before God. It covers a multitude of shortfalls with Him when we are thankful each and ever day no matter our circumstances. It is always worse off for someone somewhere else.

Take time to thank God today for all He has done and given you. Write and list – you will likely be shocked.


Our Kids Now

It’s neat watching kids grow up in front of your eyes. When they are toddlers or pre-schoolers it almost seems like they change daily. As a parent it’s a sad reality that these days won’t last long.

I’ve been thinking about my three kiddos a lot lately. They truly are all Julie and I live for, outside of Christ. They are our joy, our focus and our drive to be the best we can be.
One of the things we have learned is to pay attention to who they are as individuals. Knowing their characteristics, traits and tendencies helps us manage, guide and oversee them. I can’t wait to see who each of them become, but for now this is a short essay of who we see them as right now.

Sidney “Louise” Nichole Speers (age 5) – One word that describes her best is sweet. She is motherly, loving, sensitive and caring. She watches over her sister and brother as if she was the first born. In fact, she was 2nd by a mere 18 seconds behind Chloe. She is also very funny. Though I would not say she is whity. Just funny in her own way. She can even be a little naïve too – and I think that is a Wroten family trait! She has a great laugh and when she gets rolling along with her sister we are all usually cracking up. Sidney doesn’t need much in terms of discipline though she tends to be a follower sometimes. All you really have to do is express your disappointment or tell her how upset you are and that will do the trick. She has a big heart and learns very quickly and is also a great helper. In that regard she is a leader and I can see her being a classroom leader as well. A teacher’s pet maybe. She is good, just like her momma is!

Chloe “Gracifer” Grace Speers (age 5) – One word that describes her best is hilarious. Just about the funniest 5 year old I have ever been around. She is super whitty, sarcastic and a total jokester. Her little chipmunk laugh gets her sister rolling and anyone around her laughing as well. She is always up to something to try and get a laugh out of people. She is very active and brave too. She isn’t afraid to take off and do something except for being in front of a crowd! She puts on a front that she has it all together but deep inside she is sensitve too. She is more like her daddy than the others for sure and seems to have a deep sense of connection to daddy. I see myself in her every single day. Class clown appears to be a title she might win one day. She is also very independent and never stops. Since the day we first felt her in Julie’s belly she has been a squirmy worm. She has a fighter’s spirit which I like a lot!

Side note – Neither of our girls are very girly-like and neither play with baby dolls. But they love their makeup and stuffed animals for sure. Though the girls are identical twins, they are completely different in personalities.

Quinny “Quinny” Seong Wook Speers (age 3) – One word that describes him is joy. Since the first day we held him he has had a smile on his face. His nickname was “Mr. Smiley” in Korea and he certainly lives up to that now. He lights the place up wherever we go and everyone loves little Quinn. He is a people magnet. Though he has temper tantrums from time to time, he truly is happy most of the time. Considering all that he has gone through in his short 3 years you would think he would be the least happy. He loves people, is very caring and loving and is certainly a momma’s boy! A second word to describe him is smart. He was speaking complete sentences at 18 months and walking before a year. He figures lots of things out and hangs with his 5 year old sisters like he was their age. But overall he brings everyone around him a sense of joy. His cute little smile, the Santa Clause crinkle in his eyes and his soft skin just make him a total bundle of fun! As they say, we could eat him all up!

I’m eager to see what I will write about these kiddos in another 5 or 10 years. I’m sure some things will change, but I can also see how many things will stay the same. We have three very unique children and God has blessed us like no other!

Election Night Fever – Literally

As most of my family deals with fevers and bronchitis (me included), an important night in our nation’s history took place in the form of the 2010 mid-term elections.

I swear if I could do it again, I would be a talk show host.

I love election nights almost like I do a good Cowboys game (which is hard to come by these days!).

It is our DUTY to vote every two years. Our freedom demands we pay the price of giving 5 minutes of our time to the booth looking over names most know nothing about. It is the American way. It’s why we are free.

Shame on you, if you don’t vote.

Voting is an honor and a privilege. Soldiers give their lives every day so we can.

I love America and thank you America for speaking out tonight.

Thanks to John Boehner for being real and standing strong.

Now, back to tracking some results…a few more hours to go.