Election Night Fever – Literally

As most of my family deals with fevers and bronchitis (me included), an important night in our nation’s history took place in the form of the 2010 mid-term elections.

I swear if I could do it again, I would be a talk show host.

I love election nights almost like I do a good Cowboys game (which is hard to come by these days!).

It is our DUTY to vote every two years. Our freedom demands we pay the price of giving 5 minutes of our time to the booth looking over names most know nothing about. It is the American way. It’s why we are free.

Shame on you, if you don’t vote.

Voting is an honor and a privilege. Soldiers give their lives every day so we can.

I love America and thank you America for speaking out tonight.

Thanks to John Boehner for being real and standing strong.

Now, back to tracking some results…a few more hours to go.

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