A Year in Review 2010

Enjoy our Christmas card this year? LOL. Hope so! That picture wasn’t staged either. Julie took it one day when she heard the kids banging on the piano and looked around the corner to see them buttnaked! That’s pretty much a snapshot of our year with preschoolers.

This year was full and busy as always. Julie stays busier than ever taking the kids to their preschool classes and various other activities. Plus she is involved in the PTA and a BSF group too. Between that and everything else she does there isn’t much time for anything else.

The kids are doing great. Quinn continues to blow our minds with his personality and joy. He is potty trained (no more diapers!) and has his moments since he is three, but for the most part he is great. Chloe is our family comedian and keeps us all laughing all the time. She truly is FUNNY! Sidney is sweeter than candy and so motherly. Just fun times around here with them being 5 and Quinn acting like he is too. The things they all say….Next year the girls will start real school. Just 9 months away. Sad but exciting.

The boys are doing great too! Sadly, they are getting older. Max is basically blind and Sam has really gotten some grey hair. Doctor says they are both healthy as oxes and they have the kids around to keep them active.

My business made it through another year praise God. Last year was terrible and 2010 started out without a lot of direction. But God has led and blessed us beyond belief and 2011 will start our 10th year as an agency. The future looks brighter than ever too. The industry is in chaos right now because of Obamacare but that means agencies like Equal Health can take advantage of the market too. Hopefully we will be able to do so in 2011. We still have a ways to go to fully recover from what happened to us in 2009 but we are well on the way to a full recovery! God is good!

We love our church, Walnut Ridge Baptist, and our pastor is so real and down to earth it’s amazing. We have finally found a great group of friends there and are having lots of fun. We are truly blessed to have so many great friends in our lives all over the place.

Our best trip of 2010 was by far our journey back down to Galveston. We discovered The Galvestonian resort and loved it! Julie and I celebrated our 7th anniversary by going down to the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. What an amazing place! Go there if you can. Great weekend getaway. We went to Vegas this summer with some friends and stayed at the Rio. It was a total blast! Discovered the Voodoo Lounge on the top of the Rio and wow, that was cool!

Overall this was a very good year though it went way too fast.

Only downer for the year was the Cowboys….but the Texas Rangers made up for it and we got to go to the World Series and cheer them on! The kids love going to baseball games too. Let’s Go Rangers!

Here’s to next year being another great one to enjoy. See you all on Facebook!


Transfering Large Iphone Video Files to PC – A Solution

Have an iphone? Wondering how to get large video files onto your PC? Tried to drag it to Windows Explorer only to find it doesn’t work?

I have your easy solution.

The Iphone rocks, but a big flaw is that for large video files (over 3-4 minutes) it does not work well with Windows in terms of copying the file to your PC.

Here’s the solution.

1. Connect phone to PC
2. Open Itunes and sync phone
3. After sync is go to Windows Explorer and then to your C drive
4. Then documents and settings folder
5. Then owner folder
6. Then application data folder
7. Then Apple folder
8. Then mobile sync folder
9. Then backup folder
10. Then open last backup folder
11. Sort files in the folder by size – large files are your video files
12. Right click, copy and then paste into another folder
13. Rename each file by adding “.mov” to end and it will turn it into MOV movie format
14. Play file with Quicktimes and you are done!