Transfering Large Iphone Video Files to PC – A Solution

Have an iphone? Wondering how to get large video files onto your PC? Tried to drag it to Windows Explorer only to find it doesn’t work?

I have your easy solution.

The Iphone rocks, but a big flaw is that for large video files (over 3-4 minutes) it does not work well with Windows in terms of copying the file to your PC.

Here’s the solution.

1. Connect phone to PC
2. Open Itunes and sync phone
3. After sync is go to Windows Explorer and then to your C drive
4. Then documents and settings folder
5. Then owner folder
6. Then application data folder
7. Then Apple folder
8. Then mobile sync folder
9. Then backup folder
10. Then open last backup folder
11. Sort files in the folder by size – large files are your video files
12. Right click, copy and then paste into another folder
13. Rename each file by adding “.mov” to end and it will turn it into MOV movie format
14. Play file with Quicktimes and you are done!

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