New Opportunities, Not New Resolutions

Sure I’ve done the New Year’s Resolutions thing too and like most of us failed at keeping most of them. But now I look at things differently as I ponder the new year in front of me.

It’s about seizing opportunities. Opportunities to pay off some debts, spend more time with friends and family, serve and give more, build a business, save more money, lose some weight, get closer to God or enjoy the journey more.

I am excited about 2011 like no year in a very long time. In front of Julie and me are opportunities like those above. We intend to pay off more debts like we did in 2010, travel a little more, give and serve even more and of course we both have full intentions to get healthier…yes even me! I even plan to finally publish my first real book sometime this spring. Just in the process of editing it now…

We start the year off with a bang later this month by taking the family to Disney World (that was our big Christmas present) and then we get focused on all of those “opportunities” mentioned rounding it off with a fun trip to Galveston once again this summer.

Mostly, I am excited about what God is doing with my comany, Equal Health, and watching Him rebuild it has been amazing. We are well on the way to rebuilding our residual income base thanks to some new health plans we now offer. It’s going to be an exciting year. The more we can earn the more we can give!

Take some time to consider the opportunites in front of you during the next 365 days. God will put them in front of you, that I can promise!

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