Disney World Is Magic

Every family should have the Disney World experience.

Two of my greatest memories in life center around visits to the world of Disney in the heart of Florida. Mom and dad sacrificed their time and money to take my sister and me twice during the 80s. Those two trips were some of the greatest times we ever had together.

Nothing compare to seeing Mickey and the gang and watching the Disney World come to life around you. I can recall those times like they were yesterday and I am so thankful mom and dad created that memory for us.

Eight years ago Julie and I made our own Disney World memories during our honeymoon stay. She too had gone with her family as a kid. It was so exciting to re-live the childhood memories as newlyweds and see sites we hadn’t seen in 20+ years. Even in our 30s we still got as excited as kids when we ran across Mickey, Goofy or one of the others. We had our images engraved in stone at Epcot for us to come back and see later. We had no idea one day soon we would do just that, with three kids in tow.

In just a few days, our kids are going to get the experiene of lifetime and so will we as we take our turn in passing down the Disney World visit tradition. The kids are freaking out about seeing Elmo, Cinderella, SnowWhite, Mickey, Donald, Kermit, Woody, Buzz Light Year, and so many others I cannot even remember.

Years later I hope Chloe, Sidney and Quinn have those moments of thinking about this trip. The fun times with mom and dad and each other all while hanging with the Disney gang.

Oh boy, it’s gonna be fun!

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