8 Years and Counting

Julie and I made a promise to each other and still talk about it all the time.

We will not get divorced.

Seeing so many of our friends get divorced for such shallow reasons makes us sick, especially when kids are involved.

Since we met in 2001 and married in 2003, we have had a wonderful, balanced, easy going relationship. We have fun, we have the same values and beliefs, smae friends, and we love being parents and being together.

This week we celebrated our 8th anniversary. Here’s to another year behind us and many more in front.

I love my wife and I know she loves me.

What else could anyone want in life? G.I.G.

One thought on “8 Years and Counting

  1. It is a rarity that people stay together because of the vows they took. Vows don’t mean anything anymore…or apparently to the majority populace. But it’s couples like Brady & Julie who SET AN EXAMPLE for us all to trudge through the hard times…remain FAITHFUL to each other, to remain FAITHFUL to their Heavenly Father and who REMAIN FAITHFUL to their children – teaching them the ways and like-mindedness of the Lord who make a difference to those of us who watch closely. May God richly bless you, Brady & Julie, for your love, faithfulness and trust in each other and for never giving divorce an option or a mere thought.Love you guys, Dave & Kat


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