Final Shuttle Goodbye – Almost

I will never forget standing in the playground grade school at Green Elementary when the Shuttle flew across right across the school on the back of a 777 during a landing at Ellington Air force Base in South Houston. We all froze and watched in amazement at this incredible space bird sitting piggy-back atop the largest airplane known to man. It was so low it was like I could touch it.

Growing up in Friendswood, Texas, a small town about 3 miles from NASA, I heard about the Shuttle nearly every day. The entire area was alive with NASA news all the time and many in our social network had someone that worked in relation to the space program.

Today the next to last Shuttle mission started and the last one is set for July, which will end nearly 30 years of voyages to “infinity and beyond”.

I know Houston has to be a little sad today. A chapter in space flight comes to an end and for many of us, it has been apart of us most of our lives. Who knows what the next phase holds but I’m sure when the next vehicle to space is developed, Houston will play a vital role.

And we all will watch in all just like we have for the Shuttle.

Goodbye Shuttle and thanks for the memories!

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