Sports Blessings

I have to admit it. I am a sports addict. It is my drug.

I’m not quite sure how I would function without it.

Over the course of my short 42 years I have been the loyal fan of the Astros, Rangers, Stars, Mavericks, Rockets, Cowboys and yes even the Oilers back in the day.

I can say I am one of the lucky ones to have witnessed my teams achieve the following:

Houston Rockets – NBA Champions 1994, 1995, WC Champions 1986
Dallas Mavericks – NBA Champions 2011, WC Champions 2006
Dallas Stars – NHL Champions 1999, WC Champions 2000
Houston Astros – NL Champions 2005
Texas Rangers – AL Champions 2010
Houston Oilers – made it to AFL Championship 1978, 1979
Dallas Cowboys – way too much to write!!!!

With great players like Earl Cambell, Tony Dorsett, Michael Irvin, Terrell Owens, Roger Staubach, Nolan Ryan, Mike Modano, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Dirk Nowitzi, and coaches like Tom Landry, Johnny Oates, Ken Hitchcock, Bum Phillips, and Bill Parcells, and broadcasters like Milo Hamilton, Chuck Cooperstein, Eric Nadel, Mark Holtz, Ralph Strangis, and the great Brad Sham…..I mean – seriously…that is one amazing list!

I have enjoyed watching games in the Astrodome, Minute Maid Park, The Summit, Reunion Arena, The AAC, Ballpark in Arlington, Texas Stadium, and Cowboys Stadium and have been fortunate enough to attend the Stanley Cup in 2000, World Series in 2005 and 2010 as well as the NBA Finals in 2006.

I just need one more SuperBowl appearance and I will have completed the cycle. (I could be 80 on that one too!).

I do love sports and sports has been good to me. From Jose Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz to Darryl the Moooooooose Johnston it has been a fun, fun ride topped off so far with the Mavs recent championship!

Now, let’s go make this list even longer!!!!

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